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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Well it is a New Year

I have not been on this site for a while, as all I had was problems getting into it, if I managed to read and comment on other Blogs I was lucky. So it is a case of making hay while the sun shines for me. I had a very quiet Christmas, just us and my sister. Walter has not been well for some time, as he keeps getting repeat chest infections.
I spend yesterday, on a Cleo hunt, (for those of you who did not read my Blogs on Spaces, she is a Ragdoll cat.) I first assumed she was in Bed with Walter sleeping. When he got up, no Cleo. I then started looking, no sign of her in her usual haunts. I eventually found her in my Wardrobe, she had to be in it for at least fours hours, since that was the time I had last opened it, to put ironing in. She had not cried or made any attempt to make a noise, to be released. Mind you she made a dive for her food and water dish. I can not make up my mind if she is such a good little cat, or a very lazy one.

I hope with the start of the new year, things get better for every one, last year seemed to bring everyone problems, on a personnel level or a national one. According to Chinese Astrology, this year is meant to be a calming one, giving respite to everyone, after last year. Hope they are right .
We could all use a quiet peaceful time to recover from last year.

Will go now,
love Rosemary