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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I have just opened i Google account, but have no idea how to put my friends from Facebook on it does any one know a simple, or should I say idiot proof way of doing it. I am trying to be prepared in case I hate the new FB proposed changes so much I move, or everyone starts to leave it, as has been suggested, as a possible future event. 
Seeing as I do not have an internet phone, and have no desire to tweet, and do not have a compulsion to inform the the internet community of my doings and precise position, every day in life, I manage quite happily with the odd blog, and comments on friends sites. When my phone gives up the ghost, hopefully not for a another few years, I may consider one, but I still would not bother tweet every day.
Any help my friends can give me, would be appreciated, as there is no point a site were I can not find any one or they me. Mind you perhaps my friends would think it is the best thing I have done, they finally get rid of me at last, seeing as I can not find anyone on i Google.

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy 2012

luv Rosemary


  1. Rosemary, sorry I don't visit your blog much these days, but wanted to wish you and Walter a very Happy Christmas and New Year xx

  2. The same to you Poppy, I keep losing access to my Blog, and then finding it again. Do you think it is trying to tell me something lol