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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Came across this

Diseased seals washing ashore in Alaska being tested for possible Fukushima radiation exposure

The world seems to be ignoring what is happening in Japan, at Fukushima plant There is very little news about it , the Japanese seem to have managed a news cover up, and the rest of the world does not seem to care. It is the people and the environment in that region of Japan who will pay the highest price. If the tests in Alaska proves they are affected by Japan's nuclear disaster, by Radiation exposure, and it is starting to affect other countries Then perhaps the world will start to take notice.   The Japanese Government and the Electric Company are putting effort in covering their  loss of Face, than trying to do something about the contaminated of the environment they caused, by not admitting the truth and accepting they needed help from other countries to control the situation and the suffering caused to their own people by this.


  1. It is so sad to see any animal suffer in any way and if this is because of radiation from Japan, the whole world needs to know! x

  2. Excellent post Rosemary and tragic pic. The world will ignore Fukushima for as long as it can but sooner or later the Daiichi crisis will come back to haunt them and they will not be able to ignore scenes such as this. I am quite certain they will not allow any results to be published that might imply radiation from Fukushima has anything to do with it even if it is. And so the world will continue to turn a blind eye...Good on you for posting this...Go Rosemary!!!