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Monday, 30 January 2012

This seems to be the cause of disruption to Sats and communations

Jan. 24, 2012 HIGH ENERGY PARTICLES HIT THE EARTH Our planet is being bombarded by high-energy particles unleashed by the strongest solar storm since 2005, scientists say. The charged particles are mostly a concern for satellites - which they can disrupt - . But they can also cause communication problems for aircraft travelling near the poles. The geomagnetic storm has been caused by a potent flare that erupted from the Sun at 0400 GMT on Monday. The effects are likely to be felt on Earth throughout Wednesday. A more benign effect of the outpouring of particles is the ability to see aurorae, or "Northern lights", farther south than is usually possible. IS this the reason everyone has been having a lot of trouble recently with communication, and the fact this is likely to get much worst. I remember reading a year or so ago, on a New Age web site, that this was likely to happen. But as usual it was dismissed as new age rubbish by mainstream Scientists. NASA was keen to assure us all that Planet X does not not exist and there was no change of anything colliding with the Earth in 2012 , well were was that Asteroid hiding ,that they said came very close to Earth on approx the 26th Jan. If they could miss that, what else could they miss. Planet X ? The same about if the poles do shift. Lots of calming noises, no idea what would really happen. It has happen before, quite true, but tell us what damage was done.t they do no know the answer, that is no crime, but would it not help more trying to find out what the result was. Does it really matter about Global warming if several super Volcanoes erupt at the same time, and we end up with the same effect as nuclear winter. It is the problems they know they already have they should be trying to find solutions. love Rosemary


  1. HI Rosemary, The solar flares are causing a bit of concern at the moment.. and if they do send out a high solar blast we can expect electrical disturtbance.. These frequencies are also having an impact upon our Moods too with head-aches and lightheaded feelings as they alter the magnectic field around Earth..
    NASA know alot more than they let on.. But we have been living with these storms for a long while..
    Just keep that positive thought vibration and we will be fine..
    Much Love ~Sue xxx

  2. I posted a blog ages ago on the last Great Solar Storm...they can wreak havoc and more so in our electronic mad world of the 21st century. Solar flares go in phases, Solar minimum and Solar maximum when the surface of the sun is most active. The most dangerous times only occur every so often! It's when they come slashing through the Earth's electromagnetic field that we really know about it! A lot of people doubt the truth of these matters but they just don't understand about the science of it all. They fear what they don't understand and rather than admit to that weakness they bury their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away in a puff of logic!