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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Talk About a waste of Time.

I have not been on Blogger for a few day, as my Computer seemed to be playing up and I was trying to find out what the problem was. I was getting my computer to self investigate its self, from internet connections to virus attacks male ware and hacking. I turned it inside out and up site down, mainly because of my stubborn nature, I not letting a heap of metal, get the better of me, and computers have their faults and weakness too. A little part of the problem was BT infinity, which as they just managed to realize had a fault caused by manufactures parts in its modem. So it meant the new modem you got when you upgraded to infinity had a fault. The fault was, if the modem overheated, if you use internet a lot, which Walter and I do, it cut itself oiut and lost your internet temporarily until it cooled. Then it resumed normal internet service. and checks on it by BT when it was working normally did not show the problem. a case of when it was good it was very very good and when it was bad it was horrid. I do not know how they eventually realized what the problem was. The fact is they did, BT had just sent us a letter, saying they were replacing modem, with another one, free, as there was a fault. We had just been issued with replacement, which was fitted by their Engineer, so that was internet access sorted Still was a problem, some where, then still tried to find answer, the answer was simple, it was not just BT it was a case of a double strike of lightening. The other strike, is cause solely by FB itself. which FB seems to have no luck in sorting out. I am Beginning to wonder if the Hackers group Anonymous are keeping their promise and targeting FB as they said they would. and if so they seem to be winning. especially if the news is correct, and the group also hacked into CIA andputer FBI. Wonder if any of those computer geniuses would like to contact me, anonymously (of course, in keeping with their rules) and give me a few free lessons, on how to keep my computer running perfectly, as I am just normal user, who enjoyed using her computer to enjoy the internet and play games, and not forgetting to Blog. Why must they spoil my simple pleasures. Finished my rant for today luv R


  1. Always good to have a rant! My mobile broadband modems have a habit of burning out full stop if I let them overheat to that extent! I've just arranged an increase to my monthly data allowance complete with wifi...which is no use to me unless im in the only available BTOpenzone hotspot-Starbucks coffee shop!!! I am at home! Not at all sure what's going on with the contract rit now and just hoping the guy in the vodafone shop didn't mess it all up when he gave me a new card etc's supposed to add onto the old contract not be a 2nd contract!!! No problem running low for internet useage, but boy! Can you imagine the internet useage bills if I'm paying for two!!! Waiting for them to cancel the old's still running...don't think its meant to work like that but it does mean i currently have two modems! :)

  2. I would not even think about an internet phone, I have enough trouble with laptop. I will probably end of the only person in world without one. See if I care lol

  3. Sometimes Rosemary its good to Rant and get it off our chests... It makes me smile as these promotions on Upgraded high speed internet and then the moderm isnt up to scratch to cope!...

    Hope you having a good day.. although its slow here on blogger for me today I got on.. without it kicking me off.. :-) Hugs Sue