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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dream Vision ?

Came across this post on a site asking for Dream requests about 2012, just seem to strike a chord with me. Not sure why or for what reason. So I have copied it and reposted here as you know if I get a feeling I just do it. The answer will be made clear later either to me, or the person who is meant to see it. Harold's prediction "Some years ago approximately (2005) I was sleeping in my mother's living room. I got a light entering the back of my head or whatever. It said: "From now to 2008 much the same" from 2008 to 2012" - all kinds of water damage- many many lives suffer - from 2012 to 2020 Purusha - Prakritti - then 1000 years of bliss." This term Purusha and Prakriti seemed ominous - it literally translates in Sanskrit to the Creator and the Creation and quite frankly it scared the hell out of me. I have two such previous light visions and they came out 100% correct although of a minor nature compared to this particular "light message". But after I have had sometime to reflect I am interpreting this Purusha/Prakriti to also include the Divine to make known he is not a great grey beard guy in the heavens but within all of his manifestation - every stone, rock, insect, mammal, human etc. And he will be opening all of us to realize the closeness of out Divinity - a knowledge lost from the great Fall from the Garden of Eden. Many sources refer to the "End of Time" - I believe Time here means past/ future and it will become much easier for man to be in the "Presence" - losing the ability to judge things as good or evil etc, and all the other selfish acts that men, corporations, countries and nations do to each other today." September 2011 love Rosemary

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  1. Rosemary, I think too many changes, I can only hope that there will be 1,000 years of bliss.. I truly hope so my good friend.. The End Times to me mean that this Age of man and Greed and the Material is coming to an end... As we all of start to 'Shift' our Conscious Awareness to be more loving and comapassionate.. I hope we do see Peace within our time... and an End to the Violence Man gives out.. As we all of us come to understand that we ALL are connected.. Both Animals, and our Earth...
    Many thanks for your continued support Rosemary... And Much love your way to both you and W... Hugs.. A dreamer... Sue... xxx