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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lament for Spaces

It's finally come,at long last.
The Day of Space's now is past.
the site that saw, those first steps.
Who shared our joys, hopes, and fears.
Help wipe away many a tear.

Lo, many of us a world apart,
Forged ties of friendship, in our hearts.
A cry for help was always heard.
The answer, always by someone given
A warm loving, caring place.
That now deceased,lamented Space.

We fought a battle, blow after blow,
Against everything Microsoft, could throw.
We kept our cool, we learned anew,
We stayed faithful, those  stubborn few
But I guess, we really knew,
The bell had tolled, the dice was cast.
The death throws, had come at last.
The fates had spun their final thread.
Spaces, is well and truly dead.

Rosemary Monteith (c) 2010



    Very well written Rosemary. Hope everyone else chooses to come here, I don't like wordpress that much. Hugs Lady J

  2. Hey Rosemary, Your poem is brilliant!!! So, we have two poets in the family. Sending love and smiles to You and Walter. Big hugs, Kerrie. xOx

  3. Hi Rosemary, I've been looking for you and other spaces friends and found you after trailing through blogs of people I both know and don't know. I don't like WP much far rather have blogger, but some things are still unfamiliar e.g finding your friends, but no doubt we'll become used to it, we've no choice really have we? take care and do pay me a visit.

  4. I am SO glad you are here with me and Cleo. Is Walter coming too? :-)I will also put you in my regular blog as well as the Admiral's blog.


  5. A brilliant Poem.. Hope that you are well Rosemary?? hugs to you

  6. Thank you all for your nice comments

  7. Great Poem Rosemary. Well done !
    (This is my 3rd attempt at leaving you a comment - Ihope you don't suddenly get them all,you will think I have gone mad !!)x