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Thursday, 12 May 2011

What next

I was watching a few films on sky, the first for a while. Then at the end of the film the credits came up. Why do they need to thank everyone, who is remotely connected with the film, gone are the days of actors, Director camera men, lighting and Sound. It is beginning to seem like a  novel they are writing.What got me was that the Chefs who did the catering were mentioned, I am sure that they did a great job for the film crew, but must they be mentioned in the credits. Does that mean if they had done a bad job, the crew would not have made the film?
Then the bank was given credit, for providing the money for the film, with a mention of the vice president of the bank, I do realise that with out backing the film could not be made. Does anyone really care about knowing every single person who was involved. Will you love or hate the film any better.?

Does it involve the modern obsession, that everyone wants to be famous for at least five minutes. I do feel that it is now verging on the ridiculous, and they should all get a grip on themselves. It really has gone too far. That seems to be the way of a lot of things in modern life. Common sense seems to have gone out the window.

luv R


  1. Can't say I've ever given that one much thought, I'll take more note next time....
    Hope you and Walter are both well...

  2. Maybe the Bankers wanted 'Credit'!!!! For a 'Change' LOL... couldnt resist that one Rosemary..

    Hi my lovely Friend well at last this Blogger has allowed me on here, every time Ive tried to log on to my site and comment I get the Sorry from Blogger doing repairs or something... So Hello and Thank you so so much for all your wonderful visits, I dont get on here as I should as My main site is Woodpress as you know.
    But just want to say hi to you and Walter and hope you are both ok.. and Have a Good Weekend.
    Love Dreamwalker xxx

  3. Wishing you a Happy Weekend to you Rosemary.. Just dropping in to say hi.. love Dreamwalker x

  4. Ah yes the credits! Hmmm...usually at that point I take a loo break! lol ;)
    And why oh why do I never get updates for your blog?! Perhaps I'd better try that subscribe by email thingie down there at the bottom of this box... x :)